Hiring Programmers - Boolean Expressions in Ruby

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Problem Statement

Let us say you are trying to recruit team-members for your new startup! Given a candidate, you need an expression that will tell you whether they fit into certain types. This is how a candidate object would look:

candidate.years_of_experience = 4
  candidate.github_points = 293
  candidate.languages_worked_with = ['C', 'Ruby', 'Python', 'Clojure']
  candidate.applied_recently? = false
  candidate.age = 26

We are looking to hire experienced Ruby programmers. Our ideal candidate has 2 or more years of experience, but some programmers become really good even before that. We'll consider their Github points (a nice indicator of a good programmer), and even if they are not experienced, candidates with 500 Github points or more can apply. And there is one more catch: Ruby being a cool and awesome language, a lot of smart youngsters are very good at it. We love those kids, but for this particular job we'd rather have them study at school than work. Let us filter out candidates who are younger than 15. Also we don't want to consider candidates who applied recently for this opening.

If you haven't solved these types of expressions before, try getting one condition right at a time. For each condition you get correct, some tests will start passing. As your expression matures to take care of all the criteria, all the tests will pass and you'll have a green flag. Now, march on!


1. Use parentheses generously. If you start your expression with a 'not' operator, wrap everything inside a parantheses.
2. You can have 2 or more years of experience, or >= 500 Github points, or both.
3. languages_worked_with is an Array. How do you check whether an element exists in an Array? Might want to refer to the Ruby Collections chapter for inspiration!

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