Select random elements from an array

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Problem Statement

Create a method 'random_select' which, when given an array of elements (array) and a number (n), returns n randomly selected elements from that array.

Example: Given an array [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] and 2 should return two random numbers from the given array. (Note: those two random numbers may be the same number.) The method should return those random values in a new array.

Calling the method twice should ideally return different sets of values (though it may not).

Note: Ruby has the method rand which takes a parameter max. It returns a random number lesser than max.

One more note: Ruby also has a method Array#sample which very concisely solves this problem. Unfortunately, it's too concise! The exercise is almost to write your own Array#sample, so it's been disallowed. Good luck!


You can use the 'rand' method to get random indices within the array's bounds.

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